Description of Services: All elementary, middle, and high school sites serving students who are blind/visually impaired offer the same eligibility/assessment services to students.

The Clarksville – Montgomery County School System Vision Support Services (a division of SPED Related Services) is designed to support educating students with visual impairments. The goal is to provide a student at his/her home school an environment where the student can be educated with his/her own peers. By removing barriers created by their impairment, students shall be encouraged to

  1. Achieve success in content areas.
  2. Gain skills in traditional areas of literacy and technology,
  3. Become proficient in all areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC)
  4. Acquire skills to function as independently as possible within their surrounding environment.
  5. Begin transition planning to include: exploring post-secondary educational opportunities, vocational and employment options as well as community participation.

A referral to vision services is part of the special education process. Vision services are an instructional service. The student must demonstrate eligibility based on a current medical eye report. Entitlement for services will be determined through assessment and a demonstrated need. The Vision Support Services team will request the Interagency Eye Exam Report from the student's eye doctor. This report must be dated within the past year and received before the essential assessment (functional vision, learning media and ECC) can be completed. The process within CMCSS requires that the school/teacher, parent and eye doctor complete the Vision Services Referral Forms, including the parental consent for assessment. These forms will give the Vision Support Services team the initial information it requires to begin an assessment. The essential assessments must be completed by a Certified Teacher of Students who are Visually Impaired (TVI).

Students with a medically identified vision loss living within Montgomery County, that meet the Tennessee state eligibility requirements for visual impairment, may well receive assistance from the Vision Support Services team. They become eligible for services if the vision loss interferes with their performance in the educational environment.

The CMCSS Vision Support Services Program is committed to meeting the needs of students who qualify for vision services based on a medical diagnosis of visual impairment. The Vision Support Services Program is not a vision therapy program. The Vision Support Services primary responsibility is specialized instruction and services required to meet the unique educational needs of the student with visual impairments.

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